Blogging Tip on Menus and Categories

So I have been blogging since March 2016 and frankily I just have been winging it, as you do.  I know my categories are a mess.  I often wonder how do people have such beautiful menus that magically link to their post.  Well, here is the answer, click on the link below and become an expert if you are not one already.

As for me… OMG my categories are so all over the place, my tags and ahhh… And I think I have written live 500 plus post… eeks ….  Not sure when I will embark on my tidy up…   LOL on me and my winging it and not exploring enought methodology to my blog…  Thank God I am just a hobby blogger for now.

So Read below and click on link and don’t make my mistake.  LOL and hahe..


Use category pages to showcase posts grouped together by theme or topic.

via How to Highlight Your Content with Category Pages — Discover

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  1. I think you do a pretty amazing job with your blog! If you choose to make any changes, just take your time. I think you are fantastic, so I do not think anything needs to change. I believe with blogging you can just be yourself and everyone will enjoy the real attitude!!

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  2. Oh I love your blog!
    I can totally understand what you mean though, I recently thought about minimising my own categories before it gets too out of control but just like you I am a hobby blogger so wont stress about it for now.

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