Self Mastery – When All You Want To Do is to Curl Up and Cry – Make Sure You Meditate! And for a longer time!

When All You Want To Do is to Curl Up and Cry – Make Sure You Meditate!

Often when all we want to do is curl up and cry, or crash from a hard day, we don’t want to meditate or pick ourselves up from the slump.

I have found from past experiences, that you should meditate NO MATTER WHAT.  Infact, you should meditate especially when you feel rubbish.   If you take the time out to do a longer meditation instead of sitting infront of TV or anything else, you will feel renewed and you will feel at the end of it what was I down about.  Honestly, you will feel what was I down about.   I always say our thoughts make us happy or sad. When we are low or tired we become unreasonable with ourself and it all feels like doom and gloom.

I want to share my current fix me up list of meditaiton commentaries and song  in English and Hindi.   The hindi ones are lovely, even if you don’t understand, they are just praising the Divine and his wonderousness.  I encourage you listen to all the videos as it will build up a very positive vibration and your connection to You the Soul and the Divine Source will really heal you.

I hope with my all heart that you enjoy all the videos and that you take the time to listen for your self mastery.

Everything has been taken from youtube .  I wanted to share with you and hopefully if you are feeling  bit low it will pick you up too.   Most of what I share have been created by Students and Teacher of  Raja  Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris.

Om Shanti   Om =  I am a Soul    Shanti + Peace,    A soul is a point of light.

Om Shanti  =  I am a being of Peace.

Hindi Songs all from the Raja Yoga Meditation

When we say Baba it is the loving name of Our Father ,  the Divine Supreme Soul, who never takes a body.  That is, why he can uplift us , because he never get stuck in muck of the world.  True meditation is the link between I the Soul and The Supreme Soul.  When I feel low, his pure powerful love and compassion,  strokes all my pain and tears away.  His love is so immense that once you are filled by it , the pain is healed.  Then, you wonder why do I step away?

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10 thoughts on “Self Mastery – When All You Want To Do is to Curl Up and Cry – Make Sure You Meditate! And for a longer time!

  1. I just finished A hundred thousand angels and had tears streaming down my face. It was so beautiful. Can’t wait to hear the others too. Thanks Bella. This series you’ve created is amazing. Truly.

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    1. Oh Miriam.big big hugs.. sometimes a good run of tears is necessary as part of the deep inner healing process… ps i had tears putting it togethers.. tears of pain and of happiness and then it felt a pain or weight had lifted.

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