Self Mastery – 13th June – A Time For INTENSE Meditation

I hope you are all enjoyin the Self Mastery series so far.  The purpose of these post is to create such a habit of mastery that we can be stable each and every day, or pick ourself ups when we fall, in world record time.

Today, I want to share a different format to the regular format, because variety is the spice of life.

I request that you do this in the order it is layed out in this post, and I wish from my heart that you are able to feel the intensity of magically meditation session.


Take a pen and paper and write these affirmation out 7 times likes lines, and if possible do thid 3 times in the day.

I am Supremely Peaceful. I am a Peaceful Soul.  I am a Soul.  I am immortal.  I am Loved  by God.  I am Content.

Intense Meditation Session

Thank you for popping by. 
I hope you enjoyed this self mastery session and I hope this meditation session has empowered you with the electic silence and strenght of  The Divine and the Power of Your Soul

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