Self Mastery – 15th June – Into The Soul

Self Mastery

The art of going deep into silence of your Soul

Here is an intenses meditation post

Self Mastery – When All You Want To Do is to Curl Up and Cry – Make Sure You Meditate! And for a longer time!

To Days Exercise at Self Mastery

quote jan 2

When we live a truthfully and honest life.  When we are selfless, and we practise meditation and honesty, then our intuition will guide us.

Starting  Meditation

Inti The Soul-   From Release your wings channel on Youtube – all the meditation shared here are from students of  Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual organisation.


Take a pen and paper and write these affirmation out 7 times likes lines, and if possible do thid 3 times in the day.

I am a Soul.  I am a Soula point of Light.  I am not this Body.  I am full of Peace.  I am a pure, peaceful Soul.


Write 3 things to be grateful for.

An Exercise in Letting Go.

Write thes 7 times 3 times a day.

I am a Soul not this Body.  I AM Peace.  In this peace that I treasure I let go of all the pain in my life, I forgive myself and I for those who have Hurt me.  I let go am remain a Peaceful Soul.

Positive Energy To the body.

  • Visualise white light from the Divine, God or the universe, shining on your body .   Going up and down healing that which needs to be healed.  DO this for 2 minutes.
  • Even if you are healthy then do this exercise.
  • Additionally, if members of family and friends are not well, you can do this for them too.  Again for 2 minutes.

Ending Meditation

Into The Soul –   From Release your wings channel on Youtube


Thank you for popping by and Joining in this tranformation journey.  I am posting a self mastery  for each day of June 2018, to create a habit of self mastery, self care.

Please do comment below how you found this and if you would like me to share something particular.

If you are wondering why I am doing this series click on this link Self Mastery:- the art of being a master of myself.

The thoughts shared here are from my readings , personal experiences,  and are inspired by the teaching of Raja Yoga Meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris world spiritual organisation.

This is an optional meditation, this for anyone who is having difficulties at work with a boss.  Again from the release your wings youtube channel.

© 2018

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