Self Mastery – Meditation On The Melting of Jealousy



No one of would ever admit we get jealous in public.  But, we all know we do a little.

This is a beautiful meditation that will help you rethink jealousy.  Even if you don’t jealous it is worth hearing.  It is quite a simple realisation Jealousy and Laziness are linked.  We get jealous of someons doing what we only think of doing but infact we can do it too, but we are too lazy to do.

On hearing this meditation I realised I am quite content with my life and that actually i have never been jealous in my life.  Because I always do what I feel weak in so I don’t feel weak in it.



I would suggest listen to the meditation with a pen and paper first and take notes.  Then, actually meditate to it.  Even book mark to come back to it.

As always this from the Release YOur wings  Youtube Channel.

Thank you for popping by.

Image. FROM or created by myself using Canva.  Quote from – Brillant Quotes app on Android.


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4 thoughts on “Self Mastery – Meditation On The Melting of Jealousy

    1. Yes, may be a little envy when life gets a bit or we have low self esteem. I was researching on different meditation and listened to this and thought it useful, even if jealousy is not a concern, but like you say we all have a few pangs from time to time.

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