It’s Karma Fault -is it?


Karma…the law simply states as you sow so shall you reap.  We all know this. We have free will.  The law encourages us to act with goodness.  If we choose to be bad and do negative acts, then it is your free will to sow that seed.  It is 100% your responsibility.  Karma can not be blamed.  Only you are responsible.  Do good and you will reap good.


Here is a small meditation from the release your wings you tube channel.

Refocus yourself so you use your free will wisely.

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Images, canva

Meditation from youtube.


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9 thoughts on “It’s Karma Fault -is it?

    1. Thanks. Actually karma is not only about negative stuff. if we do good then we get good. Even have a negative thought towards someone will return to us in a negative karma. so we should always strive to be good always …. karma and the law of attraction are sister.

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