Productivity – The ” To Do List”.

Productivity – The ” To Do List”.

Last week I shared 3 Easy Productivity Tips – Read here.

For me most of the time I can be highly motivated, but then there are times where I just go down some hole and become a bit relunctant,  lazy or fall into procrastination and things fall apart for bit. But, it is always a temporary blip.    But, at those times of unexplained lows, the 15 minute time chunking trick saves the day (read details here.)


But, there is another tip/trick to making stuff happen.   That is, to create and effective, targetted “TO Do List”.


The way I do my do list is:-

1.  List all the task to do for the month, and list the ones that have a drop dead date.

For Example, My car insurance is up at end of July.  I rang up around 3rd July and it was too early.  So I had to wait for the Reminder.

2. List all the task to do for that week, based on the monthly task.

3.  List 1 to 3 task that must be done sometime in that week, before you get into deep water.

For example: Follow up on Car Insurance Reminder in the week it came. Because, if I don’t get a discount, then I have to hunt around.

4.   List 1 – 3 task to do that day that effectively help achieve point 3 above.  I will either Star these To-do’s, write them in red pen, or highlight them.

For Example : Call Car Insurance company on Saturday first thing and get it out of the way.  Because,  I really don’t like dealing with the car insurance, especially after a very big accident I had about two years ago, that took a while to get sorted.

5.  Once the is done,  cross it off the list and pat yourself on the back.

6.  Repeat task 2 to 5 for the rest of the weeks in that month. 

And hey presto- you will be rocking your to do list, you will not feel overwhelmed and if you do tasks using the 15-20-30 minute time chucking method, you will feel so great.  You will knock items of your to-do list, and you free up physical and mental time.

Parting Thought

So,  I hear you say what is the difference from what I shared last week (Here is last week process) and this week.  Well,  a To List is really a list of what I must get done.   I generally create a to do list at th end of the day or the beginning of the week.  Where as last week,  I shared tips on breaking a goal down in to bite size pieces.  Also, last week I shared the 15-20-30 time blocking which can be used in conjuction with the to do list.   The to do list, actually contains all the mundane stuff that you need to keep the house running as well as the baby step towards the bigger goals.     

What I have learnt over the years is to divide and create baby steps, to do task in short burst to create motivation and actually accompish something. That, in it self creates a great deal of enthusiams and banishes overwhelm.   As as always as Nike Say “Just Do  It”, which is the hard bit, but if you only set 15 minutes to do it, then you will do and do it efficiently.   Here is last week process


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