Horoscope /Numerology vs The Law of Attraction/Karma

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Horoscope /Numerology vs The Law of Attraction/Karma


Once upon a time, years ago in my 20’s, I was all about Horoscopes. After learning about The ‘Law of Attraction’, and understanding and practising it, I without knowing it, forgot all about reading horoscopes.   The other day I was journaling and reflecting, how ridiculously I believed the horoscopes, I mean!   I was giving gratitude for waking up and understanding Karma and the Law of attraction better in the past 15 years (I am still not an expert).

What I have concluded, is that horoscopes/numerology gives everyone the same generic potential prediction of the future.  A potential/possibility it might happen like this.  But, they only give a prediction, that it might be like this, but they can’t be sure.   When it comes true we feel it is because they said so.  But, I don’t think it is like that.  It is the law of attraction kicking in.  It is because I am thinking about it and sending out that vibration into the world and therefore that is what the universe is sending back to me.  For example, if I was not aware of it, would I think about it?  So, then it would never come true, because I am not giving it energy.

We give our power of thought away when we believe in horoscopes and the like. We are in fact using the law of attraction to attract negativity into our life.  OUR THOUGHTS ARE POWERFUL, be wise with them!

We must not forget each Soul – Human Being is unique, therefore our faith, our future is unique, and how we think, act is our responsibility and our choice.  It is the law of Karma, law of attraction that is always in play in our life:-

  • “as you Sow so shall you reap”.
  • “as you Think you attract”.
  • “as you Do you attract”.

If you are negative, you attract negative.  If you think good and do good then you attract good.  So, it is simple you are in charge of your life.  You have to have the courage to live life and face storms, because only you and the Divine can help you.  No other human being can help you.

You have to do the work and you have to take the responsibility for your life, because you create your future.  No one else can help, no one else can be blamed.

Too many of us think it’s Karma!  Did you know that Karma has two side, a positive side and negative side!  Why are we so lazy to be responsible for doing good? For being good?  Why?   Because, if we do good, think good, we sow good, we reap good.  Is that not simple?   It is a “no brainer”.   Likewise, if we don’t exercise and eat bad food and drink excessive alcohol, then we are sowing seeds of ill health!

Just a few thoughts to share with you.

Thank you for popping by

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12 thoughts on “Horoscope /Numerology vs The Law of Attraction/Karma

  1. I used to read horoscopes when I was younger too but I gave that up a long time ago. I enjoyed this post Bella and I most definitely agree that our thoughts create our reality. So we may as well make them good and positive ones. Warmest wishes to you x

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