Blogging Etiquette

Blogging Etiquette

Call me old school but I believe in manners.  I will always get up and offer my seat to someone older than me, I will always sit in a polite manner on public transport ,  I will never ask someone their age or salary.

Old school I am.

My Personal Blogging Etiquette

I don’t classify myself a blogging expert, but I do believe there is an unsaid blogging etiquette I follow or at least to try to.  These may be unique to myself.

  1. If someone comments on a post, I read and comment back.
  2. If someone comments on a blog post, I pop over to their blog and check it out, read a few posts and comment if possible or at least like or I might even follow them.
  3. If some comments and follows me, again I pop over to their blog and read and see if their content is something I would like to read on regular basis.  If it is, I follow back.
  4. I try discover other bloggers, new to me and read their work or even follow them, to be part of the community.
  5. I read the blog post of those that I follow and either like or comment.
  6. Where possible, I try leave comments that shows that I have read the blog and that this what I have taken from it.
  7. I like to share what I learn about blogging for the rest of the community.
  8. I never ask for a follow back to my blog.
  9. I never leave a link in a comment I make, unless the blogger says it okay.  Generally, most bloggers follow the basic etiquette of visiting your blog when you comment.
  10. I don’t expect people to follow me because I followed them.
  11. I don’t expect people to comment on my post because I did on theirs
  12. I don’t expect people to like my content.
  13. I understand all bloggers are busy and don’t  have time.
  14. I don’t follow back, because someone followed me. I only follow back if I feel I will enjoy their writing and it will be useful for me to read.  When,  I started blogging, I didn’t get this,  I ended up following back all sort of bloggers, that actually I have no interest in.  It was a naïve mistake, which I don’t do anymore.
  15. I credit all the images, videos and bloggers who’s content I might use.
  16. Where I link to another bloggers post, I try to ask them first if I don’t know them well. But, I don’t always, especially if they are blogging friend, because I know they won’t mind and will be grateful for the link back to their blog.
  17. I am always nice, geniue and community focused to other bloggers on wordpress.

These are just a few of my blogging etiquettes I use when I blog. What do you use ?


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52 thoughts on “Blogging Etiquette

  1. Good tips.

    RE: point 14 – I have started taking the follower count with a pinch of salt, apart from attrition (i.e. people who started blogging with enthusiasm and have now quit) I feel there are a number who just follow everything they find without engaging with the content, in the hope of building a like-for-like follow base like you mentioned, unfortunately from these relationships I always found that this was a one way relationship.

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    1. I agree with your every word. And attrition is a valid point. I have lesson then 2000 followers, i generally get 24 likes and may be 5 comments and upti 30 views, i classify that as the real ones, the ones who like the randomoness of my blog.

      I have been meaning write a post like this for over a year now. I get a bit,….. when someone ask me to follow them… it like excuse me 😆😅🤔😣😑😥🙄😏

      Liked by 1 person

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