Is Sin Such a Bad Word?

Is Sin Such a Bad Word?

In all religions/beliefs there is the concept of good and bad. Sin, generally is taken by the individual to mean “I am bad”, which then hurts our feelings.  It can mean to some that I have sinned therefore I go to hell.  Or as children we have been made to feel, I committed a sin and I am bad.  That feeling stays with us up until adulthood.

Either way, the word sin, hurts anyone hearing it, or reading about,  as it leaves the feeling of disappointment, and there seems no way of improving.

I have never had an issue with the word sin, it has never made me feel bad.  Because, I guess I have always understood it as, that, “which is against the true nature of the Soul”.  The true nature of the Soul, is Peace, Purity, Love, Wisdom and Joy.  But, if I act/think from Greed, Anger, Lust, Ego or attachment I go against the true nature of I the Soul.  For me the word sin means negative Karma.  I have written many post on Karma, The Law of Karma says, “As you sow so shall you reap”. Therefore, do good and reap good.  Do bad then reap bad.  It quite simple.  Therefore, Sin is not a word to fear, it is a guide, it is a helper to remind us to do good, to be good.  To me Sin is not a bad word at all.

I know and understand, for some the word Sin hurts them deeply.  I get it.  I am not saying in this post, that I know it all, because I don’t.  But, what I want to share  in this post, is something that might help us have a different opinion of the word Sin.  Instead of it being a bad word, it can be a word that helps.

In the book “The Four Agreement” by Don Miguel Ruiz, He talks about one principle that is the principle of “ Being Impeccable with your word”.  I have copy pasted two separate paragraphs that I hope helps us see that Sin is not a bad word, but a guide to be kind to our self and others.

Impeccable comes from the Latin pecatus, which means “sin.” The im in impeccable means “without,” so impeccable means “without sin.” Religions talk about sin and sinners, but let’s understand what it really means to sin. A sin is anything that you do which goes against yourself. Everything you feel or believe or say that goes against yourself is a sin. You go against yourself when you judge or blame yourself for anything. Being without sin is exactly the opposite. Being impeccable is not going against yourself. When you are impeccable, you take responsibility for your actions, but you do not judge or blame yourself. From this point of view, the whole concept of sin changes from something moral or religious to something common sense. Sin begins with rejection of yourself. Self-rejection is the biggest sin that you commit…….


Being impeccable with your word is the correct use of your energy; it means to use your energy in the direction of truth and love for yourself. If you make an agreement with yourself to be impeccable with your word, just with that intention, the truth will manifest through you and clean all the emotional poison that exists within you…

Taken from the book, The four agreements..

I feel as we walk through life,  we should always keep growing and we should always challenge our past experiences,  thought process and create our own understanding of ethics, morals, and manner.   I believe the purpose life is to be come a better person, and contribute to society by being better.

I hope this post has not offended any one, it is just a post to challenge our thoughts/feelings of the word Sin and hopefully change any negative feelings that may be present.  I have deliberately created a short post on this, but, I recognise this is a bigger topic, therefore, this is just a taster.

I hope you enjoyed this.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. Great thoughts you have here. Personally the word “sin” is not the issue but the act and consequences that comes with it. In a way this is a sensitive issue which does have a religious undertone to it and I think it is a bold thing you are doing here by talking about it.
    This makes us to be conscious of how we act and we make an attempt to do things right.
    In my experience and point of view which is a Christian perspective – I know that every human being has a nature of sin, I mean we do stuff that we do not wish to do… We get jealous, envious, bitter, steal even sometimes *wink, the list goes on depending on how we each want to define it.
    I rest in the comfort that the creator – God is not willing that any should drown in their struggle with the human nature of sin but that He loves us and wishes to help us to be better persons & not have to suffer the consequences that comes with “sin”. I hope I am making sense with all my long gist…
    Anyway just trying to say that none of us are perfect in ourselves but we can take on the divine nature to enable us live above our fallability. 🌹❤️

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    • I agree with ypur wonderful comnent. It is the actions not the word. And if we keep trying to improve we become better daily. And that is what it is about.

      Thank you for your indepth comment, so useful to discuss like this, we can learn from each other.

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  2. I liked how you defined sin. Very difficult to define. Sin is a part of us. I believe just lessons for us, to be kinder, wiser and to make better decisions. Than you for sharing your worthwhile words and thoughts.

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  3. I have always been very intimidated by the word “sin” because my perspective of it was VERY negative and I honestly don’t think I have ever used it in a sentence. After reading your post I have an entire new perspective about the word and it doesn’t seem as harsh as I once thought. Thank you so much for sharing 😊💛

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    • Thank for popping by and commenting. Glad you enjoyed it. See the way i see it is simple, the sinful act whatever it be is negative karma, so, as i sow so shall i reap. If we human beings get that, then we sow goid all the time and reap good all the time, then we are always in charge and no fear necessary… if that makes sense at all.. 😊

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  4. That’s very thought-provoking! Seeing sin as something contrary to our true selves means that choosing to not sin is an act of self-love, since you’re aiming to be the best you can be. I find that much more motivating than the idea that you shouldn’t sin in order to please an angry diety. Living well and being our best selves…I’m on board with that 🙂

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    • Awww I am so happy that you got the essence of the post. Life is our choice and if use words and laws correctly and understand them as tool to help us be the best, then it is easier to be a better person.

      Have a lovely week. Thanks for reading and commenting and visiting.


  5. I love the perspective you bring on Sin here. Looking at everything as guidance and learning to change our choices in the future is definitely a balanced attitude. Negativity and judgment does more harm to us than help.
    Th last quote you shared is so simple and deep.

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