Picking your Battles

Actually, is there any point in battling at all?
Water is poured on a fire, to put it out.
So, then when you are in face of a verbal storm, then what is the ‘water’ you can use to put out the storm?
Like a tree in a storm, it bends, it bares its fruit, and it is flexible but grounded in its roots.
So, then I should be grounded in my roots, I should know that the Divine is with me, that I am strong, I am resilient, I have fruit to bare, I have to be that cold water of wisdom, I am calm, I am strong.    I do not need to feed the fire.

I need to remain quiet and firm in my self-respect knowing that spring follows winter, day follows night, and no storm last forever.

That words are words, they only become knives when I take them to my heart. Wisdom is being the water and the tree in all situations.

Wisdom and picking your battles is known as the silent response. For in Silence and tolerance I keep my peace and I stay true to my self – A peaceful soul. I don’t have to accept the pain the storm gives, I have to flex and bend in the wind, I have to stay rooted in self-respect, I have to wait for the storm to pass.

I have to be, just be, just watch, and just stay peaceful. I am not a dustbin to take the trash of the storm.
So I ask again, is there any point in battling at all? What does your intuition/wisdom say to you?

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  1. Yes absolutely true and agree totally with your words of encouragement, Bella. Life is so simple and beautiful but we with our ego have taken her differently and reading and listening to spiritual people makes u feel grounded with the divine. Great words.

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  2. Absolutely amazing and true! I always pick my battles in life because somethings are just not worth the fight! I think some battles require way too much energy and they tend to not be worth it. However there are some battles that need to be confronted so all negative energies can be released.

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  3. We don’t have to fight every battle in this life. Yes, I have learned to pick and choose the true battles I need to fight. Through prayer and listening for God’s Word, I have learned there are times when staying silent is a blessing. Other times speaking loudly is a blessing. Pick and choose. Pray first.

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  4. Your metaphors make this so effective and interesting to remember. Most of the battles are our internal ones. Once we find a way to align with peace we find the skill to be in the world and not feed any storm.

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    • Thank you for your extremely wise words.

      I do feel the battles are internal, but at the same time , there is an external spark that lights the internal battle. So much to master in life. We need to be a tree that bents and bares fruit. We need to be sheild that deflects the ecternal spark.. we need to be stable in gods love then may be, we can be the tree and sheild and the water.

      Have a lovely week ahead.
      Thank you always for your lovely comment.

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      • You are very welcome, I am humbled that you find my words so wise. You are right – all that you describe is indeed our lifetime’s journey. The external does tend to trigger a lot in the internal. You have the most lovely time ahead too 🙂

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  5. Just the word “battle” or “battling” sounds so grisly to me. Then there’s that saying about winning the battle, but losing the war. In the long run, it’s all just chaos, upheaval, and regret. I have always so wanted to be a lover, not a fighter. Braving life’s storms have better solutions in my mind, heart, and experience. If I caste anything, I want it to be love. Love conquers all****

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