Taking A Break

Dear Friends,   Life, work , etc has got a bit crazy and I don’t think right now I can keep to my regular blogging schedule, so I am taking a blogging break for a few weeks to early September, by which time I should completed my work deadline and a few life deadlines.

I might occassionaly blog in this time.But i cant be sure.

Just search through my archives and you might find something to keep you entertained.  Search for the word meditation and you will find loads, search for the word quotes and you will find loads.

I did not want to take a break from blogging, but ,  i just cant manage it right now.  Infact, been struggling for a few months now.

So, whilst I take a break, I leave you with a few thoughts….

Stay happy and remember, you control your thoughts, you are their master.  Think happy thoughts and positive thoughts and the universe will comply.  Likewise,  think sad and negative thoughts you will get that back.  So be positive always, after night there is day.  No problem stays forever.  And every problem comes, because we are ready for it, we have something to learn and it is an opportunity for newness and growth in our life.  Believe everything is good and no storm will be an issue.  Connect to the Divine, sit in silence, journal and the answer will come to you in that silence.  Make no decision in haste.  If the decision is uncomfortable and rushed it will be wrong.  So dont rush life, or decisions.  Every decision can wait.   Stay positive..You are the master of your life

See you all in early September 2018

Regards Bella.    aka http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com

© 2018 http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com

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    • Thank you Christy, for lovely sweet comment. I look forward to early September to catch up with you all.
      . I am so busy at work and my deadline is end of August. I thought I would be able to juggle the Blog as well as all the other life stuff. But, today I realised I am spreading my self thin and I need to cut me some slack.
      Regards Bella

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  1. We all love you Bella, but everyone needs a break sometimes. You will be missed and we will look forward to you return. I hope you have a nice and relaxing break. Taking care of yourself is so important and you definitely deserve this! Take care and we will all be here waiting for you to come back!!! Much love sweet Bella!!

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  2. Take care and this space will be waiting for you along with all of us. It is necessary to take these decisions though they don’t come easy, I am very happy for you that you are taking the time. I have slowed down a lot myself. You left us with such beautiful wise reminders – very necessary ones. Wish you the best of ease & joy!

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  3. This was a beautiful message, so uplifting. Enjoy your break and catching up with life. 🙂
    I will definitely keep going to your site for meditations! You have a great selection. Thanks Bella .

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  4. Hi Bella, I’m struggling a little bit at the moment so I can fully understand why you’re taking a break. It’s all about balance isn’t it and sometimes we just can’t do it all. Recharge, replenish yourself and I’ll look forward to seeing you back here when you’re ready. Hugs 💕

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