Blogging Update – Returning to Blogging

Hi Friends,

Life is still busy and work is still busy, and I can see myself never returning to blogging.  I am currently working on  key element to a project and it will keep me busy upto Christmas and beyond.  Therefore, I have changed my blogging schedule to  TWO  posts a week ” When I CAN”.  

The Changes to the Blog

As those who have been with me for years, know that meditation is core to my way of life and therefore to this blog.   So,  as bare minium I will try and post a meditation commentary weekly.

I am no longer dedicating a day to quotes. Quotes will be shared on and off on Sunday.   But, if you want quotes more regularily follow me on Instagram because I am a bit more frequent on that (cause it is easier), but,  having said that, I am frankily rubbish on all social media accounts lately.

Here is the new schedule and it will start from Sunday 2nd September 2018,  I will do my best to stick to this schedule, but there may be some moments where I can’t.

Thank you for visiting.

NewSchedule4 26th Aug 2018



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