Daily Intention – Honesty

What is an Intention?

An intention is a focus in which we live our life, our day, our week or our seconds. Without an intention, we have no clear aim to direct our life with.  We just bounce around experiencing this that and the other. For example, eating out, cinema, other stuff, and then we get back home within few minutes we feel empty. That empty feeling in us continues to grow because we are not dealing with the root cause.

When we live with positive intentions, mainly to improve our character, our personality, our resilience and our community spirit,  we start to live an unselfish life and a focused life.  When we focus our lives daily, we have no time to get caught up in worry, fear, anxiety,  being hurt or in pain, because we are too busy improving ourselves.  The purpose of improving ourself is not to impress another, but to fully live, to fully experience the Soul in the body experience.  Otherwise, we are just a robot on some weird automatic pilot colliding with life.  Never living with intention.

A life without self-reflection and self-improvement is a life of going through the motions,  never improving and forever feeling empty inside, even though we have so much stuff, and we are doing loads of activities.  But, when I am faced with a quiet moment we can not cope.

Today, let us focus on Honesty as our Intention for the day or even for the week.  Think about the words below, or create your own and put honesty into practice, today or for the entire week. Observe yourself at the end of each day, and ask yourself, what did I do well at? Where can I improve?  This activity will help you home into you the practice of honesty and your viewpoint of honesty and being honest to yourself and your life.

Then we begin to live an inspired, virtuous, moral, ethical and stoic life in some small way we become a better person.  Not for the world, or to win public opinion, just simply to be a good human being.  Because when I am good I can only share goodness with the world and that is a great act of charity. And extremely positive karma.  You eliminate the vibration of goodness, you become the sunlight on a dark day.  You become your own rock.  So live with intention of improving your character, not for fame or applause, just for the sake of being a good Soul.  A good child of God.


Is being a sincere, open and trustworthy person.

A person who is truthful, but wise.

A person who is reliable, when a task is given to them you know it will get done.

Who’s opinion is honest and trustworthy.  Who values themselves and others.  Who is so reliable that you know that the task will get done.

A person who does not cheat, lie, steal, or deceive.

Who’s principles stop them from lying.  Who principle of honesty makes them so sincere you feel safe.  In fact, you could give your life in their hands and you would be safe because they would guard your life with more care than you might yourself.

An honest person is no fool!   They can be trusted by all.  But, they are not stupid.

To be honest, one must be wise, to see the intentions behind the other’s question and respond accordingly. 

They are principled and flexible.  They have the strength not to follow the crowd if the crowd is going in the wrong direction.

An Honest person is not stubborn, or stupid.  They are wise, tactful and diplomatic.

Why not be honest?

There is no reason not to be honest, after all, you are you are creating within yourself and beautiful characteristic of honesty.   I have said many times on this blog.  The Soul is eternal, so when it leaves this body it goes to another.  This means our good and bad karma travel with us to.  So when we create a habit of honesty we safeguard today, tomorrow and the future.  To be honest, is to be wise and diplomatic.  But, it is a beautiful characteristic, because your honesty makes you a sincere, safe and wise person to be with.  Who’s love and care is open to see.  In a harsh world honest person, an honest smile will melt the heart of a broken Soul and it will uplift them – just a simple smile.

To be honest, in a world of lies, is a feat of silent greatness.  It is the protector of all that us good in Humans.  But, is not naivety.  It is a wise standpoint.  So be honest in all your interaction with yourself, others and the world.  Your honesty make require you to make some tough calls.!

Enjoy being honest and reliable.  Trustworthy and a rock. Wise and flexible.  Enjoy being a beautiful character.    There is nothing more important than improving your character.

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33 thoughts on “Daily Intention – Honesty

    1. Hi Miriam, thank you always. Glad you enjoyed. I think being honest with ourselves allows to be honest outside.

      Ps meditations are still on wednesday. I am just posting wed and sundays. For sometime.

      Have a fab sunday and week ahead.
      Love bella

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