Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind – The Power of the Full STOP.

We are what we think.  We are what happens to us.  When we let pain in and get disturbed by it, we lose our inner peace, and we get hurt.   We repeat the pain by think about it.  Again, I say we are what we think.  What happens to us feeds our thinking.  How do we find Peace of Mind?  Well, the Mind’s function is to think.  Therefore, it cannot be quietened.  But, the quality and volume of thoughts the mind produces can be lessened and made positive.


How to Protect Your Mind and Heart

It is simple, have good thoughts for Yourself, for Others and the World.  Think to yourself “I am better than this”.  Always have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone in your life and yourself.

Yeap! Good wishes and pure feelings to others.  Include the ones who broke your heart, who doesn’t understand you, who constantly hurts you,  is so immature, who said spiteful things to you, who is mean and heartless.   Yeap, to that person.   IMPOSSIBLE I hear you say.  Remember the word IMPOSSIBLE say I’M POSSIBLE

The Full STOP Technique

Your intention for each day is to be peaceful and not disturbed.   Every time you have a negative thought try applying a full stop on that  thought, feeling or reaction and remind yourself that you are a Peaceful SOUL and you are better than this negative feeling.


For Example:

They said that to me. 

Apply a FULL STOP to your thoughts and Say I am a PEACEFUL SOUL, I am better than this.

They did that to me. 

Apply a FULL STOP to your thoughts and Say I am a PEACEFUL SOUL, I am better than this.

I don’t like them. 

Apply a FULL STOP to your thoughts and Say I am a PEACEFUL SOUL, I am better than this

Why are they like this? 

Apply a FULL STOP to your thoughts and Say I am a PEACEFUL SOUL, I am better than this.

The application of the full stop has to be with the force of an Emergency BREAK that you apply to stop yourself from having accident in a CAR.    You must stop the negative thought in its track.

Remember, you are a peaceful Soul, a kind soul, a compassionate soul, that no matter how bad the situation is, remember you are Better than this!


The application of a FULL STOP in this manner is the initial step to stopping your thoughts going out of control.

What this will do, is BREAK the habit of negative thinking in YOU and help you create the habit of an ALTERNATIVE Positive Thought.

You can NOT change them or the situtation, but you CAN change yourself, and you are responsible for your change and your character.

Practising this over time, creates a change in your habits and will create space within your otherwise cluttered mind for positivity. Then, you can really start make some serious positive changes in yourself.   Having, said that,  you can make serious positive changes in your life today – as the saying going “If not NOW, then Never”.  So strike whilst the Iron is hot.  Believe you can win and change, and you will.  Always, believe you are better than this, meaning you are better than the negative thinking.

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This is my contribution to Debbies’s #ForgivingFridays challenge.


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