Instruments Of Peace on the Anniversary of 9/11

Today, September 11, is an anniversary of the terrible acts in 2001.

No matter how bad the actions of others, we must never let go of our beauty, our peace, or giving peace to the world.  As Gandhi says”  An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.   Always be sending love, light and peace to the world.

Lord makes us instruments of your peace… Where there is hatred let your love increase.  A beautiful song, prayer.

Make your heart beautiful and share it with the world especially today.  NEVER let Hatred ruin your beauty.  Stay beautiful and peaceful.

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14 thoughts on “Instruments Of Peace on the Anniversary of 9/11

  1. Hi Bella, thank you for the remainder of such tragedy. I remember right after I got to the office, the news broke out and we all stood in front of the TV to watch the terrible news evolved. That was almost the only time we “watched TV” during office hour. We saw a lot of good neighbors helping each other in time of trouble!!

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  2. Yes. “Never let hatred ruin your beauty”… and “eye for eye makes you blind”… so true and great of you for remembering this day. 🙏😭🙏

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