What is ThoughtsnLifeBlog About?

What is ThoughtsnLifeBlog About?

Just a little post about me,  why I blog, my current schedule, and my social media links.

Started blogging  in March 2016

http://www.thoughtsnlifeblog.com was created two year and five months ago by me – aka -Bella.


Thank You

So I wanted to say THANK YOU to my followers new and old followers.

Current Blogging Schedule

I wanted to remind you all of my current posting schedule:-

NewSchedule4 26th Aug 2018


Snippet from the About page of Thoughtsnlifeblog

A simple blog, created to inspire and motivate myself and anyone else who might be aligned to what is being shared here. I have a passion for self development both from a personal and professional stand point. I have a passion for meditation, self improvement, inner peace, and always trying to find positive ways to be happy in difficult situations, this blog is to help me express this and keep me on track with my own personal growth and life long learning and commitment to become a better person. I feel the learning and experiences I gain could benefit others, therefore I share on this blog………  See about page for more.

My Social Media Links

Because I am blogging less you can also find me on

Older Posts written by me, that you might like.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please like, comment, share or subscribe.

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