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Not taking the time or making the effort to improve our character, our manners, our morals or our ethics. Is the biggest INSULT we give to OUR SELF.
Everyday we should become a better person than yesterday.
That is mindfulness and self respect, which automatically leads to respect for humanity and the world.
Money and Success is not why we are a live.


Today In the Jain Calendar is the festival of forgiveness.   Here are a few thoughts on forgives and a piece of a prayer… hope you enjoy..   What is forgiveness to you ?


This my contribution to Debbies #forgivingfridays @forgiving connects

Images:  some created by myself, some are floating around google.

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  1. How beautiful this is, Bella! I love the festival of forgiveness ❤ and all of the compassion, caring and empathy in your blog post. Wow. And I love your encouragement to be the best person we can be. One thing I focused on today is acceptance of my spiritual gifts.

    I’m honored to share this post for #ForgivingFridays. Thank you dearly.

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