It is a New Day – A New Chapter -A New Beginning

It is a New Day - A New Chapter -A New Beginning

Treat each day as New day.   A shiny new toy to be explored.  Never to be bored of!

A new day, a new chapter, to grow , to explore , to be the best I can be. To be better than I was yesterday.

It is a New Day - A New Chapter -A New Beginning

Let yesterday be yesterday. I learnt what I needed to learn from yesterday. Today is new,  a new page, a new story, a new learning.  A new day not to repeat the mistakes of yesterday.   

What I do today will ensure that tomorrow will be great or not so great!

Don’t sabotage tomorrow by wasting today.  Don’t sabotage today by wasting it, by thinking of the pain of yesterday, or by being lazy, careless and procrastinating.   

Each second is new and is waiting  for you to write the wonderful story of your life. 

It is a new day, a new life, a new me, a new chapter.  One that gets better and better with each second of today.

I live and write my beautiful life story each and every day, each and every second.  

Don’t waste time in pain, hurt, carelessness or laziness.  Shine your light so bright even if you are surrounded by pain, because every second is a new beginning!

And you can do it, because life is for us Souls to shine bright, to give hope to ourself and others, to live a life against all odds.

There will be people observing our life, quietly observing it and they will be inspired by us, to shine against all odds.

It is a new day, a new second, a new chapter, a new beginning. Forget the old and start a new.  You can do it.  I believe in you.  God believes in you.  The universe believes in you.  So shine bright regardless.

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This post was originally written in August 2016. This is a revised version the title is slightly changed as content enhanced.



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