Thought For Today

Let Your Life Be More than YOU.
Let Your vibration share peace to the world.
Let Yourself be BIGGER than You.
Let Yourself be the Warm Hug the world needs, that you need, that your neighbour needs, your family needs, the stranger needs.
Let Yourself be the light in your life and let it be the light for another and the world.
Let Your life be more than YOU.

When we share, when we give, we become a part of life, a part of the universe, a part of goodness.

We don’t have to physically go anywhere to give.  We can give the energy of compassion, love, good wishes, peace from our home, from walking around, from our vibration, from our smile, from our aura, our face, from just being.  Not a word needs to be shared, we just need to be this each second of our life.  Enhance our character and our vibration SO  that we just share this vibration as a flower just shares its beauty wanting nothing in return. Just sharing goodness.


Images : or created by myself using textgram app.

© 2018.


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7 thoughts on “Thought For Today

  1. I loved your thoughts! I have found myself learning a lot recently that this life is not about me, what I want to do with it and more about what is wanting to flow through me. And if I live consciously a lot of the goodness and peaceful energy can flow, like you say.

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