Solutions Can Only be Found When The Mind is Silent.

Silence, Solitude, Solutions


The Power of Silence.
The Power of Solitude.
The Power of Solutions

Solutions can only be found when the mind is silent.  Then we are ready to hear and see the answer.

When we try to force an Answer that answer will always be wrong, because it has been forced

When our mind is cluttered, when we try too hard to find a solution, the solution that is found is never quite right.

When we practise patience the answer always presents itself, but we have to be ready to see it.  Sometimes, the answer is in front of us, but the cloud of life, stop us from seeing it.  Conversely, we may be able to see the answer, but we don’t want to see it. 

When we are silent, when we sit in solitude, when we truly listen, we truly hear. We then need the courage to change or learn what the silence is tell us.  If we want to grow in life, in character and in depth, we must love silence  and solitude,  because only then solutions will present themselve.  Solutions may take a while to present themselves and that  is because of all the layers of pain, negativity, or hurt that is blocking the way.

So be courageous and sit in silence, and solitude and wait for the answer the right answer to pop into your head.  Be patient dont rush the solution. Have the courage to do what is right.  Even if it might hurt.

Daily meditation helps to create the habit of silence, and solitude.  It makes the mind slow down, it sharpens the intellect to decide correctly and it gives you a quiet confidence in yourself to manage life. So, when the solution presents itself, you can see it and you can know yes this right, no this is wrong.

Meditation allows you to see truth versus falsehood, and it gives you the strength to stand up to the falsehood.  We might see the solutions but we might not have the courage to face it.   I know from my experience that this works and as you repeatedly practise this, you become stronger and your intuition and intellect wiser.

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