Blogging Question Round 2

Hi Friends,  So on Tuesday this week I  got a “bee in my bonnet” and wrote the following post : Blogging Questions To You?

Many a time I want to make money out of blogging. When I started two years ago I had not been working for two years due a family member being unwell .  I started the blog to keep myself busy, learn new skills, improve writing , share what I love.  And I love personal development and meditation and growing.

At that time I did research mainly youtube and pinterest, – which resulted in the blog being created on free at first.

Then,  I tried to figure out how to make money.   But, when I started blogging,  I felt blogging was harder than my exjob as an IT Business Analyst – and that is a hard job.

Then, I landed the dream part time position at my old place of work in IT doing the same thing and that was the power of positive thinking and law of attraction. Because, if any one knows Part time in IT is so not an option.

I still maintained the blog because I love the wordpress community and I love blogging.

Always at the back of my mind how to make money blogging.  Always, drawing the same blank , the same headache and the same why do I keep doing this to myself.  LOL.  I think I have probably done a reach out post like this 3 times on my blog.

So , again on Tuesday I decided to try again.  Just  a baby step on research and ask everyone  for their thoughts.  So in Tuesday blog post a lot of good comments have been given,  and I did a lot of research , even did an “all-nighter” because I was so, I have to find out.  I felt I was back at Uni – i was so wired, it has been a long time that I have been so driven.  lol

Anyway,  I have found out so much and I wanted to know, would you like me to do a few blog posts on what I have learnt.  But,you must remember this is just research and I really don’t know what I don’t know.  But, I feel quite comfortable with what I seem to understand.  Most of what I have learnt is in the comments of that blog post. But, it will be difficult to read , I think.

What I have learnt on this blogging stuff  is

  • has hosting options which can be for tangible and intangible products
  • You can HOST on another platform and WP would help you move your work over if you want.
  • Mailchimp pops up on wordpress  – well the happiness engineers are figuring it out
  • Mailchimp:  how to create a landing page.
  • Mailchimp:  Advertising requires you to give an address for the consumer to contact you by law – so do you want a PO box,  and well that is not that cheap in the UK at least.
  • Mailchimp links with FB, Twitter, so you can use the landing page on other platforms, and that what make your list different to the list you have on WP.  But, why would you want a duplicate list – well still got work that out?
  • Mailchimp only has a single list option.
  • Mailchimp is GDPR enabled – well it has to be.
  • UK tax – status  ;  still researching on this , but have found out a bit more on this and awaiting a bit more.

What I have learnt about me and making money on my blog:

Lol, OMG,  Lol….  my post Solutions Can Only be Found When The Mind is Silent , that I shared on sunday, well I do practise what I preach and it really helped having a break about thinking about making money on this blog… – lol….

So, one has learnt

  • I have nothing to sell that is  tangible or intangible.  So, hey that’s that a bit of spanner !  LOL actually I can’t stop laughing at myself.   But, actually it has finally allowed me to find  peace on making money on the blog monster.
  • I can’t even think of what to sell in those quiet moments.
  • No wonder I don’t understand, why would you want a second mailing list
  • But, what I  finally learnt and feel the most happiest with is, I have done the research and somethings are still out standing.  I did it relatively calmly and I know a lot more if I ever want to go down that route.  Sometimes we make a mountain  of something, it really scarey and we put it off.  I still want finish off some more research because there are gaps, but I feel at peace and calm.
  • I found some great you tube video on mailchimp and making money in different ways.
  • I researched a lot more on Kindle direct publishing.

I feel a lot  better I did an all-nighter and researched. Now, I will await a few more bits of info to come in or I will follow up.  I will let this all brew and let Solutions Can Only be Found When The Mind is Silent.  and I will trust and affirm and wait for it to pop into my head if something is to happen.  Otherwise,  I will enjoy my beautiful life.  Cause my life is good.  To conclude, right now I won’t be creating a online business, cause like I said I have nothing to sell -lol!!!

Anyway, the poin of this post is simple -would you like me to share what i have learnt , over the next few week  or months as it will take some time to write up?

I am really at peace, cause this bee in my bonnet has been quietly annoying me for years, it can RIP – say 98%.  And if ever I have an annoucement you guys will know.

Lots of love and laughter at my journey.

Regards bella


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31 thoughts on “Blogging Question Round 2

  1. Lots of typos sorry Bella, didn’t read before I send and I can’t edit it on my phone. Hopefully you can understand if you don’t just ask.
    *for lost= got lost
    *contribute= continue

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    1. np the mobile phone and i have that issue too.

      so good to hear from you and thanks for all the love.

      Mailchimp – well i played with it a lot the last few days and it is a pain!! and the fact wp engineers still havent got back to me… is even more fun.

      i changed my theme today – that might make them a bit more mad…

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      1. My pleasure I love reading your post.
        I get what you mean, it would be awesome if you could make a post on what you learned with it. I gave up on it after it got hard but I know I need to get back to it.

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  2. Hey Bella i really appreciate the information you are sharing it helpful. Iv been confused with the mail-chip. I once tried to start it but for lost in the process so any info your giving is helpful. As far as an online business in my opinion Bella I think you should contribute to be in peace but also stay curious to and poke around your mind for ideas. In my perspective, your niche is mediation and creating a better life, with it and thought. If you focus on creating maybe programs for meditation that would awesome. I’m M not sure exactly how you would do that but I’m fond of commentary you share and I recommended them personally to a handful of people by sharing your blog post. Where I live we experience many people suffering with mental illness and not enough people meditating. Maybe you could also teach/guide people how to meditate or assign different subjects based on what there going through. You have helped me on my spiritual journey and I’m sure you can help others. You can also add tangible product my selling your brand on different items that are related to mediation. Like thoughtsnlife oil scent, candle, yoga mats, and anything else related to your blog. I think you can make something great if you wanted to. Out of all the blogs out there yours is the one who has touched my heart, made a difference in my world and also the only blog I share with other. If I had something with your blog name, maybe like a bracelets (rather that a business card with your site name) I would give them to people all days because there are many minds seeking the peace you offer.
    Just thought I’d let you know my thoughts because I do believe you have potential to have your own online business when your are ready 🙂

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    1. OMG Monica, OMG really, I am touched and embarrassed at the same time. dont worry about the typos.

      I kinda resigned from any products. And selling meditation would go against this blog – as i really share what is already out there on youtube.

      the tought is if i do anything it would be a book or books, or course.

      i asked my accountant a few question and there might be another spanner that stop the whole thing.. which i cant really share.

      but i will keep you lovely words in mind and see if a product can be done, but my heart is on book, but getting stuck on what to write.

      Monica, thank you so much I am so humbled by your love and your words. I really humbled and touched. i had no idea!

      i definately will keep your ideas in mind and let us see what unfold.

      for now i will continue blog with even more inspiration gained from you.

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      1. Yes Bella you truly make a difference in my life, I’m so happy I found you and this great big world where you an I are thousand of miles away. I see your point I just wanted to give some ideas and would love to see you not give up.

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      2. By the way, a book by you is a copy I would buy and share!! That would be amazing, a lot of times I hear people say I can’t stay quite, I can sit in silence, I don’t know how to meditate , I don’t get why to meditate, my life is to busy, etc is what I hear people around me say about mediation. If you could do a course or address this in your book I think it would be something people need. Here in California people don’t really meditate, I could ask 100 people and probably 4/5 would. (I should test this) idk if you could find a way for people to see this as a daily need, like a shower or eating, and teach us how to keep progressing in our mediation journey I think that would be so helpful. I know there’s a lot of courses and apps out there but you just have a special touch Bella 🙂
        Again just ideas I could be way off the grid but I had a strong urge to tell you my thoughts toward you and how you have helped me grow. ♥️

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      3. Brilliant idea thanks.

        On my blog i have a couple times shared why meditate and dine two weeks of only sharing meditation kinda like a free course right on my blog.

        If you search self mastery , why meditate it is all there. May be you can use that for now i consider doing another set of posts on meditation on my blog again ?

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      4. I find that so interest in a state that is sunny that there is depression. What is people are depressed about, do they an aim in life, money issues, do they suffer laziness, overthinking , what is the reason behind the depression.. and is clinical depression or mild depression that people suffer day to day ?


      5. It’s a all of the above. One theory I have is United States in general is moved my media, and fame. California is the state where they called the “land of hopes and dreams” the media portrays success as having fame, and money. The media outlets are not positive and uplifting, it’s fed with negativity and on shining a spot light on a few people and having everyone talk about them. Then minds are disturbed and the focus on peace and just living a simple but happy, healthy life is nowhere in site.
        Priorities are wrong.

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      6. Thankyou 🙂 you can start anytime, anywhere. You already have a somewhat mini book with all the articles you write. Just jot thoughts down when you have a chance, I’m sure through practice you will get inspire and will write something fantastic. I recently started attending a writing group and they all have books they are writting and they share a chapter every meeting it’s awesome seeing them write their story’s. It inspired me to want to write mine one day. You’ve got something valuable to share. I like to live by the phrase of Wayne Dyer “Don’t die with your music still in you.”

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      7. That is a great quote .. love it.

        How exciting a writing group you must share what you are learning it will be so useful.

        I take your advise and attempt to write a book on the side. Not sure if it will be meditation thou because the book i shared with you really is written by the best person.

        Thank you for indpuring me and giving me udeas. Kets see what happens. I do find writing very hard.

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      1. I live in Southern California. I tried to look if I could find something close to me but it said 0 results.

        Is mail chip for setting up emails to asked to people ?

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      2. Oh that good, social media is a real trap.
        May be email at

        Anyway i will ask around and see what i can find that could be near by. Or you could listen to release your wings youtube channel with your friends etc because that is all meditations and talks on thoughts etc and it is raja yoga meditation. By the brahma kumaris.

        All the meditation i share are mainly from this channel. I share on wednesday.

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    1. I think because when i started to blog i was job less, and I just always had the thought how to make money, so i can say the chapter is closed , i feel like i did my research and realised what i needed to. so the chapter is closed for sure now.

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