Thought For Today

To FLY the bird must let go of the branch.


The birds knows I  have to Fly.

It knows its wings will work.

It trusts itself.

How times has a baby fell, as it learnt to walk.  But, still the baby keeps on trying.

To fly you must let go, trust, and keep on trying.  You believe can and you will.  You must remember I was that baby once.  You must remember all your success.  You must know you have to fly and keep moving forward then you are alive.

Wishing you a lovely day.

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© 2018

Images: , thought created by myself using textgram app


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      • Oh, my goodness! You did so well with whatever new theme you chose. You have excerpts of the posts on the homepage, but not static posts. That’s what I have with my new theme. I have this new theme for three weeks now.

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      • Oh i always look at everyones posts through my phone.

        I searched ages and tried so many yesterday before swapping.

        I didnt do anything it is a premium theme . Actually my disscusion. With you made me think why dint i use one of them, as i pay wp. And they cone in the price. I still had a free theme. And this one has all thecfeatures and i turned off some things, reduce numbers on others. And discovered a mobile setting.

        And i noticed that all themes are different and with some you can do certain things and others not etc..

        Been on quite a learning curve about blogging in general, with all my posts on blogging this week.

        I appreciate your help so much you really made me think. Thanks.

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