Do You Know How Fortunate You Are?

When we are grateful life becomes amazing.  The art of giving thanks to the smallest of things in our life, makes our life valuable and we become more appreciative.


Write 10 things you are grateful for, each and every day.

For example:

  1. a bed,
  2. a warm shower,
  3. a home,
  4. a warm meal or 3 even,
  5. friends
  6. and family,
  7. health, wealth and happiness,
  8. God -the supreme guides me,
  9. my inner strength,
  10. ability to read, to think, to change my life each and every day.

It does not matter if you repeat the same list every day. In fact, repeating it every day will make you realise how fortunate you are, and how abundant your life is…

I believe, in being grateful for the little things as well as the big things.  When we are grateful for the little things, we become content and satisfied in life, and extremely grateful.


Actually, you could write 20 things per day and repeat them.

For example – here is  another 10 to add to the above list

  1. Ability to write and share my thoughts
  2. The ability to earn money
  3. To cook and eat good food.
  4. A family to share good food with.
  5. A family or a single person to share my life with, who loves me regardless.
  6. A job that gives me money to live.
  7. The skill and talent to do that job.
  8. A warm caring heart for others, the world and myself.
  9. The wisdom to read, write and change.
  10. The hand of God in my hand taking care of me each day.

When we practise gratitude every day,  our worldview changes.  If we practise gratitude and affirmation daily our self-esteem rises.  If we meditate every day we create silence in our life to connect to God,  and to our self the Soul, we gain a deep inner peace and we become satisfied in life.

When we are satisfied in life, we are stable and firm in ourselves.  Being satisfied in life, do not mean we stop growing, of course, we grow in life because life with learning and growing is a stale life.  But, it is import to be grateful and satisfied in life too otherwise, we will be forever unhappy as the list of desires doesn’t stop growing.

So, ask yourself each day Do you know how fortunate you are? And then write out your gratitude list – e.g. below.   ( you can print this out and use it.)


We all see the news and we are aware of how many are in refugee camps etc.. so Remember, how fortunate you are.  Don’t let your desires, laziness, weakness, or feeling overwhelmed getting in the way of appreciating what you have, for you have soooo much more than others.

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24 thoughts on “Do You Know How Fortunate You Are?

  1. I definitely grateful for my bed, as in it I get the best sleep. I’m grateful for my home as it’s quiet and peaceful. I’m grateful for the food I’m able to buy, to cook, to digest. I’m grateful for my little dog, who gives me laughs a plenty everyday. I’m grateful for all that I am blessed to have, and more importantly to share with family, friends, and people I am yet to meet. I’m grateful for choosing to be grateful, because I really do believe we have the choice to be or not to be. Finally, I’m grateful for the opportunity to read posts such as this, from fellow bloggers who get it! Happy Sunday.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh Jen, this soooo beautuful. I love how you say I’m grateful for choosing to be grateful, that really is an extremely wise.

      You are right we have a choice and that is the point of this post, choose to be grateful and you will be. See your fortune , appreciate what you have, don’t be saddened by the lack, enjoy what you have and undersrand our lot is a lot🤗.

      Finally, i too am grateful for the blogging family and our special blogging friendship.

      Wishing a fab week a head.
      Regards Bella

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you Bella. Wonderful play on words, ‘our lot is a lot.’ This means different things to different people, but hey I believe we have exactly what we need. Use it with a grateful heart, and more as needed will surely be forthcoming. Happy Week!!!

        Liked by 2 people

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