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Dear Friends,

So this week I stated that I would share my research into being self-hosted and making money blogging, etc see the post here for more details.

I have actually been trying to research this stuff more than two years and I have always got  overwhelmed and uncomfortable by it.  So, after a break for a year plus, I got the “bee in my bonnet’ again , about 3 weeks ago and I actually got a lot of research done that,  makes me feel a bit more clued up about this stuff.  But,  honestly, I am still a bit clueless on a personal level as I have nothing to sell.

Nevertheless,  I wanted to share my basic research with you guys, in case it helps you.

Now,  I am no expert and it is very much up to you to do your own research cause we all want different things, and my research could be a bit wrong in places.

So starting from next Saturday 14th Oct – for the next few Saturdays, I have scheduled the following posts.   I still have more to write as per the topic I stated in this weeks blog post.  But, I thought it best to let you know as much in advance of what I am planning to share so you can keep an eye out.  I am sharing a lot from youtube.   The post will be published in the top-down order below.

blogging schedule for oct 2018

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images: or created by myself.

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