Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body

Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body

Meditation heals and repairs, not just the body but our emotions and pains.

To all those out there whoes bodies are in pain of some sort.  Please, remember we are immortal souls.  We are peace, love, purity, wisdom and joy.  We are vibrational energy, we are neither created nor destroyed, we are immortal spirits that take rebirth as little babies, many times in this world drama stage.  We are more than this body.

I hope you enjoy this meditation commentary.  This meditation was created by Release Your Wings – YouTube Channel.  These, meditations are NOT created by myself. All the meditations I share are produced by student of Raja Yoga Meditation.

Thank you for stopping by.  Please like, comment, share or subscribe.   Do let me know how you found this meditation.

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    1. Exactly… i am glad these helped. I share meditation weekly on wednesday, and sometimes i share more often. I have no idea how many i have shared, but you can always search for them using the search box . I really believe in daily meditation

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