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We study to have a good career, or for our hobby, or to improve ourself.  But, do we study to make our character better, to be a good human being, to do the right thing when no one is looking?  Do we study to get closer to God?  Do we study to get closer to the original qualities of I the Soul?   Do we know the original qualities of  I the Soul?

The Soul’s original qualities are Peace, Purity, Love, Joy and Wisdom. 

Anger, ego, greed, lust and attachment are not our original qualities they are acquired from birth after birth.

The Soul is immortal, meaning it was never created, nor can it be destroyed.

But, we are so attached to this body, to pain, to fear, to worry, etc. 


We don’t realise that we are greedy, we don’t realise we are empty, as we keep chasing material success, or success that makes our ego feel we are greater than others.  But, I the Soul get weaker.

We chase success, fame, a good body, looks etc.

All the while we get weaker and weaker.  That is I the Soul gets weaker, for we never fill up the Soul with the love from God, with good actions, with good thoughts, with compassion, with simplicity, with the silence of meditation.  We deplete ourselves every day.   

I would like you to encourage you to meditate every day.   To see yourself a beautiful point of light in the middle of the forehead, sharing your bright white light of peace, love and brotherhood to yourself, your family and the world.  

I share meditation every week on this blog, and I have a few listed on the meditation page of this blog.

Thank you for popping by.

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