Blogging – Terminology – What does Hosting, Domain and Website mean?


I wrote a blog post here,  where I stated that I would do some research for myself on all the internet stuff,  blogging stuff and terminology and I would share that with you all.

The point of this post is to share a few youtube video’s that will help you understand some basic blogging /internet terminology.  Because,  I am sure a lot of us, including me, are confused by it all.  And I believe that confusion makes a lot us feel unsure, uncomfortable, and confusion only leads to bad decisions.

Please note I am not an expert at all on the internet, I am just sharing what I have researched, I request that you do your own research to supplement this.

Please watch all four videos and I really hope they help you get these terminologies.

What does Hosting, Domain and Website mean?

This video is great because it really gives a simple explanation of these terminologies. But, beware he is affiliated to a specific hosting company!  But, this video of his brilliant and I love it.


The following Video’s are created by Bluehost

This post is not sponsored, and I don’t use Bluehost.  But,  I like these video as they are simple and help us to understand the terminology.

I plan to write post later on in this research series;  to discuss a bit about hosting companies, self-hosting, and the difference between and  A lot of hosting companies will give you exactly what you already have with  Therefore, please be careful that you don’t buy what you already have.

What is a Web Hosting



How Website Works


Thank you for popping by I hope you found it useful.

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