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The way I understand it is, is a cut down version of was created in 2005, by a guy ‘called’ Matt.  By the way, the way  I see it, Matt is the same guy who is associated with too.🤔😉🤗

This post includes youtube videos, a post, and some screenshots from itself.

This post is a non-biased post,  created as a part of my research in an attempt to answer my own questions about should I go self-hosted or not.  I am NOT an ExPERT and you must do your own research if you want to make money or run a business.  This blog post is basic research.  I will most likely stay a user for some time, because at present I have no business ambitions. vs

I encourage to you read the WordPress about page and terms of service.

However,  please note  has the ability to run a business and remove adverts. divides the products you can sell into ‘tangible’ and ‘intangible’.  If you want to sell intangible products then you need to have a premium site, or if you want to sell tangible goods then you need a business site. I guess on the business site you can sell both, cause that makes sense.

Here are screenshots of plans as at 7th oct 2018 – in Great British Pounds currency, and what they have to offer.

wordpressplans7thoct2018 -1wordpressplans7thoct2018 -2

Videos on vs

I included a couple of videos that explain the differences, please see both videos.  Both videos cover different things. Both videos are a year old.  The second video explains what a plugin it is.    A plugin is a feature like adding an e-commerce, security etc.

This video is a year old.  But,  unfortnately everything is biased on

Another Video…

Article to read

This is also a useful article to read. created on 23rd sept 2018.


Do your own research on this, this a basic post to help me figure it out.  I am no expert and I don’t claim to be  any clearer in what I should do interms of an online business.  In all my research I am for now staying with as I have seen it increase it offerings in the two years I have used it.

I encourage to you read the ‘about’ page and terms of service.  Why, because I feel some of the information shared in the videos and the article, might not be quite right.

But the question you have to ask yourself – do you just want to blog, and you don’t care for making money, then do you want the headache of owning and a managing your own website and security as any data breach might land in your lap.

I think is growing to be viable business option and I believe you don’t need to go self hosted.  Also, what about companies like go daddy, square space ? I think was the starting ground and sure if you have money and technical know how or can pay for it go self hosted.  But, honestly think it isn’t necessary.  The way i see it for myself is, is new, owned by the same guy that created  he is taking what you would have to manually install and keep updated in into and taking the headache away from updating all the plugsin away from you.  With GPDR i would over .org.  I don’t have enough time for .org.   But, as stated I havent got a business idea yet.  But, with the reasearch I have done I believe can meet my needs if i ever want to sell stuff.   BTW, if you are ready to sell stuff, you have a tax obligation in your country and others, you have to think of refunds etc..

The previous post in this series was: Blogging – Terminology – What does Hosting, Domain and Website mean?

Thanks for reading.  This post was created  7th Oct 2018, it is not meant to be an expert advise post, it is a basic research post of someone who is still a bit clueless.  But, the videos shared are helpful I know for sure.

If you have more experience than I please share it in the comments for other users to learn from.  There are a lot of us that are confused.

Next Post will be About : WooCommerce vs Shopify – aka the tools that allow you do online business.


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