To Fear or Not to Fear ?

There is a silent fear inside of me, that stops me from doing that which I need to do, or wish to do.  Fear doesn’t motivate us, it paralyzes us, it makes us feel overwhelmed.

Let me overcome this fear by taking action.  Small baby steps at the task, then I begin to feel, oh this is not so bad, and before I know it I am flying high, flying free, full of confidence and I know I can handle anything.

Our mind, our thoughts can run away and get out of control if we let them.   We have proven many times we can do something.   However, we go through the same cycle of fear, and overcoming fear, or we get stuck by fear and we eventually move forward.

The Job of the mind is to think.  However, the mind has got itself into a habit of negative thinking, thinking of lack, of fear, of worry, of tension, of doubt.   These are all false beliefs, because we just have to look back and see our past successes.   We know we have overcome fear, worry and doubt many times before.   We need to break the habit of thinking negatively, taking action is one way of breaking this fearful thinking.   Baby step at a time ,and one day that fear will disappear by each baby step of action.   Now, I have to place a caveat here, some times our mind says; ” hey hang on, may be you shouldn’t do this”, and sometime it is right and it is protecting us from a mistake or potential accident.   Therefore,  I need to know myself well enough to know, when the fear is an illusion stopping my progress or the fear is an intuitive voice saying – hey this is not right – don’t do it.

When we take baby steps towards a task, we grow in confidence, determination, will power and motivation.  We grow in our self respect, our self belief and we understand ourselves better.  We realise fear can be a terrible negative habit, and by taking baby step  out of our comfort zone, we get rid of fear.     Now, fear will never truly go away, and we do need it in some places as an early warning “hey you could be making a mistake”.   However, we generally know ourself’s well enough to know when we are hiding behind fear.  When we feel like this we need to take action.     When ever we start feeling comfortable, something will come to test us.

Fear – in a weird way could be seen as thing that gets you into action.  But, the problem with fear is, it drains you mentally and physically.     So, we all know our triggers, we know when fear is real or when it is an illusion, we know we have to take baby steps, and we know we will be fine.   So, create a new thought when you feel fearful,  take  baby steps of action, and another, and another and the fear will not consume you.   But, ways remember the caveat  – cause Karma counts our good and bad actions.

Fear is just an illusion, stopping us – when we are truly capable. Action is the medicine to fear.  Taking action builds a new habit, and confidence in ourselves, that we spend less time in fear and more in action.  We save so much physical and emotional energy.   We feel alive not paralyzed with fear.

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Originally written in July 2016







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