Thought For Today – Pain vs Happy

You cannot be happy if you keep thinking of all the pain.

Change your thinking, see it as a test paper to pass.  See pain as some kind of challenge, that has come to test you.  For example: this test of pain has come into your life to see if you can remain happy in the unfairness of it all.  Ps.. it will repeat, until you pass it.

Believe there is benefit in everything.

Believe you can get past this pain.

But, stop thinking of the pain.  You are creating a habit of being in pain, and that will not bring you happiness or satisfaction in life.

Only positive thinking, action, taking positive strenght from the divine can help you win the fight against pain.


But, first you must stop thinking about, let it go and have faith in yourself that you can overcome the habit of thinking of the pain in your life.  Satisfaction/ Happiness in life is breaking negative thinking patterns.

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10 thoughts on “Thought For Today – Pain vs Happy

  1. Very smart, Bella!! 🙂 And I love how simple and practical your advice is. My spiritual teacher J-R has a great key to create positive images in our minds that we want more of. I was just reading that this morning in Loving Each Day, an inspirational daily quote I get to help me keep positive.

    Have a wonderful week, Bella. Great post.

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