Thought For Today – Promise

Are promises made to be broken?  I personally think not because then why bother making a promise? I am not talking about promises to person, I am talking about promises to yourself to become a better person.

Someone once said don’t make such rules in your life that as time rolls by that you can’t keep.  Think about it, when you are young fit and agile. You never think about the old age issues, therefore you think you can do x your whole life, but you just can’t forever! Who knows what the future holds.

Back to promises you make to yourself to become a better person.  There is no point in making a promise just to break it.  A promise is a positive desire to improve ourself, and we should try to forfill it, otherwise we create a deep sub conscious pain and tension, that makes us irritable and angry.  Always make a promise with the strong desire to achieve a level of success.  Only you benefit and your happiness in life increases if you forefill your own promise to yourself.

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  1. I think of a personal promise as an intention that I have a dedication for. I do want to guard against rigidity of perspective that I often notice for the ways to keep the intention. I might have to change how I do things while keeping the intention that makes me a better person. I agree with you that it definitely brings happiness if we stick to it and it takes the brave to keep going.
    Your post had my thoughts tickled and I shared what came up 🙂

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