Life is One Big Habit!



Life is one big habit.

What we repeat become autopilot or a habit.

We react often it becomes a habit.

We get angry often it becomes a habit.

We are always down, and life is just horrible – habit of thinking and feeling.

We get irritated – Habit.

We are happy, we smile  is a habit.

Monday is always horrible – habit of thinking.

We are proactive -habit.

We love mornings – habits.

We go to bed late after wasting the whole day – habit.

We don’t put things away – habit.

We are hooked on Social media – Habit.

We can’t chill out without a drink – Habit

We are too busy for Meditation – Habit

We are too busy for  exercise – Habit

To break a habit, we have to create a new habit.

A habit is a repetition of something.

Sometime we automatically repeat things without knowing it.  Often, it is the bad things in our life.   So, we need to break the bad habits, simply by replacing  it with a new habit, and then just repeat the new way of life, and one day it will be autopilot habit, and you will say to yourself 1) wow when did it become a habit,  2) how did I let myself be so lazy before  – or whatever it is?

Our thinking is a habit.
Our attitude is  a habit

Our dislike is  a habit.

Life is one big habit.   What is a habit.  Something that is repeated several times becomes a habit.   So, honestly if the formulae of life is so simple – just repeat something and it becomes a habit, an autopilot -then surely success in life is not far away.   Being an all-rounder is not far away?

So what stops up from  being the best we can be – well that which is not good for us is easier to form a habit of.   I don’t understand why that is either – but  doing what is not good for us  is easier than doing what is good for us.   We could call this physical and mental laziness.     Laziness, carelessness are the formulae to self sabotaging your life.

Take a baby step in the right direction daily, hourly and see a new positive habit for.

For life is one big habit.

So, we human beings – supposedly intelligent – just need to make the right choice, get into gear and Just do it!

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  1. Yes this is such truth and you have got so many details so beautifully! Our entire life can be explained by a series of habits. It is defined and shaped by how consciously we keep becoming aware of our habits and put in the effort to create new ones that are more in harmony of our well being.

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