Peace – Is Who I am!



Peace is the most beautiful virtue and quality.

Peace allows me to be content.

Peace allows me to be calm

Peace allows me to be.

Peace allows me to be still.

Peace is the original quality of the soul.

I am peace.

Peace is my  Nature.

When I am in peace I am truth.

I am in harmony with myself and others

I can see the unsaid.

I can be compassionate.

I can be calm in the storm and still be a beautiful flower radiating peace.

Peace is who I am.

Peace is my Meditation,

my breath

my me.

Let me be true to myself – no matter what.

Let the me be silent, peaceful and still.

Like the depth of ocean I am still,

I am whole,

I am complete,

I observe,

I don’t interfere.

I am peace, I am still, I am wise,

I am an ocean of Peace.


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  1. I like how you broke down what each letter in “peace” meant to you and what it should stand for..when I think of the word peace, I think about stillness, quiet, positive energy, and balance (mental balance).


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