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Tomorrow  is ThanksGiving for those in the USA.  I would like to wish you a happy thanks giving from me in the UK.

To the rest of the world, everyday is a day to be thankful, to be grateful and to appreciate everything.

Today, I heard a class that said  it is a universal law ” that trouble times will come , they will also pass and you have to endure them until they pass”.   So, this is a positive law I feel, they will pass and we have to endure.  One day we will become so strong that the endurance will be hardly anything.

So, in this little post I want to give thanks to those who follow this blog, visit, like, comment, share, accidently find something useful,  Thank you for all your love and support.

Be Thankful everyday and believe everything is good for you.  Change your perspective on pain and it will no longer feel like pain. Be thankful forthe small things in life and you will realise how much you have.

T – Think How Lucky you are

H – Happy thoughts lead to a happy life.

A – Appreciate all the tough times, they are the sandpaper making you the diamond shine.

N -nothing is impossible, it is possible.

K – Kindness the act of self care and care for others.

Y – Years of experiences making one wise.

O – Orderliness , being organised to live a full and peaceful life.

U – Umbrella , provides protection from the rain or strong sun.  So don’t forget to walk in Gods hand under his canopy of protection.

Thank you my kind vistors, followers, thank you for your support and love for my blog.  Kind regards Bella


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14 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Warm Support of

  1. N -nothing is impossible, it is possible.
    This definitely has to be my favourite line.

    What I’m thankful for is, to be given an opportunity to grow more as a person by reading and sharing great content.

    This is definitely a great read. I enjoyed it very well.

    Liked by 1 person

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