Time Off

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  But, for me, it takes longer to make a deep habit.  I think self-development folks say 21 days and the world of science say 3 months.  I say for myself it depends on the habit 21 days, 3 months, a year or longer.

But one thing a habit needs to become a habit is repetition, determination, courage, faith, follow through and concentrated time.

Therefore, I want to take a break from blogging for a longer period of time.  I am not taking time off from the rest of my life, just from blogging and some aspects of social media.   Having said that,  I probably will still Instagram a bit and post a few blogs here and there, because I love to blog and Instagram and speak to you all.  However,  I really need to make a few current habits stronger and firmer.  And the hope is that when I return to blogging, my content will be much better I really hope.

I will return to blogging around the 6th of March 2019 and  I will keep to current blogging schedule of Wednesday and Sunday. 

Here are my social media links, and I can guarantee I will be sharing on Instagram cause it is so easy for me to do.  However, it won’t be that frequent.

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Below are a few thoughts I have shared on Instagram and here on WordPress.   With these thoughts, I leave you a clue of what I am planning to do with my time off from blogging, and I am sure it will lead to better blog posts from me for you all.

Love you all, speak and see you all soon.   Regards Bella



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