Meditation Commentary – Being Gentle with the Self.

While I am on my blogging break, read  Time Off post for more details. I thought it useful to post a meditation commentary, from time to time for all of you who enjoy them.

Being hard on ourselves, is a very hurtful act.  When we ourself, hurt ourselves,  I the Soulis crying so deeply inside, so much pain is inside of us and we just don’t know what do.  Sometimes in our hurt, we hurt others.   Meditation and linking with the divine heals and releases us from pain, it fills up with peace and clarity.  Daily meditation is a healing tonic , not to be missed a single day.

Here is another youtube meditation from release your wings channel.  I hope you enjoy it. These meditations are not created by myself.  They are created by students praticing Raja yoga Meditation click here to find out more.

Thanks for popping by.

Have a beautiful day and week and life.

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