It is a Most “Bitter-Sweet” Time of The Year

Hello Friends,

This post is inspired by a few blog post I have read today taking up the topic of lost loved ones and remembering them at the time of the holidays.  It is pretty impossible not to miss their presence during the holidays, on birthdays, get-togethers etc.   We should definitely remember them and fill our hearts with love and a few tears.


I just wanted to share a few words, to inspire you not to fall into a heap of sorrow and tears, but to write out your love for your loved one who is not here beside you.  Show your gratitude and renew your vow to be a good person, a person with character, and someone who will make them proud and someone you will be proud of too. And fulfil the promise you made to them the day you had to say goodbye.  And be thankful you were in their life and they were in your life.

“BitterSweet” – but More Sweet than Bitter

In my heart, you live forever

In my mind, your wise words remind me of what to do.

In the photos, I am reminded of your face, your love, your simplicity and wisdom.

In my heart,  I remain your daughter forever.   I remain loved and cared for.

In my memory, you will always be.

I gave thanks when you were alive and even now to this day. I give thanks that God gave me to you and you to me.

God gave me such a wonderful father.

In the eyes of the world, we had nothing! But, we had all the love in the world, that it last today and forever.

Always in my heart and life forever, never far away.

I ask myself often will you be proud of me if you where to see me now, today. Or Do I need to brush up some!

Life has been hard without you, I often wonder how we have come so far without you.  It has not been nice and so hard that I just wanted to crumble…

 but…. one has to go on….  Only that way can I make you proud…

Thank you for always being my hidden strenght, taking care of me for a far and in my heart.  Love you always.  And I know you love me from where ever you are.


Life only gives us what we can handle, even if we don’t want to handle it.  We must, and we will reflect on the bittersweetness of it all.   But, there some sweet there hold on to that.

I leave you with a few quotes and thoughts to reflect on.  But, never in your loss, fall so down that you can’t get up again.  You have to get up again and live a beautiful for life for them, for you and for others.

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Images: or created by myself


Images : or created myself.


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