Resolutions and Goal Ideas

Typically,  when we choose resolutions and goals we focus on physical health, eating better,  earning more money,  socialising more and learning a new skill etc…

Today,  I want to discuss, Resolutions and Goals around self-mastery.  Finding your inner peace,  contentment, good character, spirituality and the healing of yourself.  

We are all walking around with a lot of pain and hurt in our lives.   We look for balance, we try meditation and yoga.  We find some peace.  But, is that peace lasting?  To find lasting peace we must let go of pain.

We are what we think and feel.  We are what influences us.  We are influenced by people, social media,  media, family, what we read, what we watch and what we eat and drink.   We can be negatively influenced by these items and not even know it.  Some negative influences happen over time, slowly and we don’t realise it.

So here are a few Goal and Resolution Ideas for you to practise in the New Year and for the Entire Year

  1.  Journal every day or at least once a week.
  2. Gratitude Journal every day or at least once a week.
  3. Practise affirmations daily.
  4. Practise Meditation daily.
  5. Practise letting go of all the pain in your life daily and always give positive thoughts and good wishes to those who hurt you.  Then you truly let go of all the pain, then you can fly free and achieve a lot more in your life.


I believe that these 5 habit if practised regularily will allow you to understand yourself.  Face things about yourself you didn’t realise were there.  And most of all let go and create positive feelings towards ling term pain.  Holding on to long term pain just stops you from living.  You won’t realise this until you practise letting go and journaling, gratitude, affirmations and meditation daily.  You will create pace for positivity, contentment and spiritual growth in your life when you let go of pain.  You will realise what life us about and what it is not about.

In June 2018 I created a month worth of Self Mastery Post – I link a couple below.  You can search for the others using the search facility.  I hope theses will help you in creating new habits of positivity and letting go of the pain in your life.  Because when you let go of the pain, the sadness, you create space to fill your life with newness, growth and happiness.

Finally, why I believe it is important to Journal is that is the only way to know what hurts you and to let go of it.  Here is a post on  The Power of Journaling.

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10 thoughts on “Resolutions and Goal Ideas

  1. Wonderful post Bella and all such great ideas on how to live a better life next year. I have my new Gratitude Journal ready for the new year and am looking forward to writing in it every day, just as I have for the past seven years.
    Thank you for this. I’m looking forward to getting back into more regular meditation habits as well in the new year. Yes, goals to enrich my inner world is top of the list for me. Warmest wishes to you Bella, hope you’re well. xx

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