Life Update – Time Off

Happy New Year To ALL,

On the 23rd November 2018, I announced I was taking time off from blogging until 6th March 2019 to work on a habit or two.  Read here for more details.

During the run up to Christmas and New Years, I have been blogging a lot.  Today, I thought maybe I should return from my break.  But, then I reminded myself the reason for the blogging break.


In terms of an update on my habit progress, well had a major set back I fell ill before Christmas, which then led to my Mum falling ill or she was going to fall ill.  On the 23rd and 24th  Dec we visit A&E (Emergency Room of Hospital) for mum, she is recovering slowly.    We both walk into the New Year Ill.


But, there is a benefit in everything!  Well, there seems to be no benefit in being ill.  But, the body is saying “Give me a Break”,  “slow down”, and there is good in that.   Indirectly, some items that I want to be improved in my life are being tested through me being unwell and Mum being unwell.   So, there are two benefits already.

However, the habit I wanted to strengthen, well it has strengthened a bit, but being physically unwell doesn’t help.  Which got me thinking, physical illness should not be able to derail me so much,  so I have been working on that and continue to work on that. The learning of which will come in a future blog post for sure.


Anyway, I am rambling,  I want to say I am still taking my break and will blog from time to time.

As stated before I am very active on Instagram still so please do follow me there.

Follow me on :

See you over on Instagram, otherwise, I will see in March, but I am sure I will be posting before then as I love blogging.

Having a blogging break is quite beneficial and I am enjoying it.  Does the blog suffer from a break – well that will be a future post.

Thank you for popping by, speak soon.

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22 replies

  1. Bella,
    Sorry you are going into the New Year ill, actually it is terrible both you and your mother are, goodness, if that’s not a test of willpower, I don’t know what is. I hope you rest up and heal in due time. Looking forward to your return in March.


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  2. Sorry to hear about you and your mom sickness. It’s tough, hoping lots of health for both of you in the new year. I’ve taken lots of blogging breaks over the years, it’s refreshing, but I learned that a too long break isn’t good, it’s difficult to get back to the blog routine. I love IG too!

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