Meditation Commentary – On Peace (Longer Meditation)

This is my favourite meditation, I meditate with this every day.  We are now on the 8th day of 2019, it is important to connect with I the Soul and God.  From God, we can gain peace.  We are like mobile phones, we need charging with peace.  God is the charger of I the Soul, the mobile phone.  Because my peace gets depleted daily so I need to Meditate daily to keep my peace charged.

Meditation helps us re-discover our self and our inner peace.

All the meditation I share, have been created by students of Raja Yoga Meditation,. which teaches “open-eyed” meditation, which effectively means, you can meditate anywhere at any time.

I hope you enjoy this Meditation.  Please, I am still on a blogging break read here, I am active in Instagram @thoughtsnlifeblog please follow me there.

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    • Thats great news. If you search on my blog there are a good few meditation commentaries. Additionally, raja yoga meditation is a global charity and learning to meditate is free, and there are loads of free talks


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