Daily Intention – Enthusiasm

Daily Intention – Enthusiasm

Why is it important to have an Intention?

Intentions allow us to have a purpose and a direction in life.  An intention can be set for a day, week, or month or even a year it is up to you.

When we set an intention we created a positive focus in our life, we give our mind a direction, and we encourage our-self to have mindful thoughts and therefore we create new ways of thinking and move away from negative automatic thoughts and feelings.

Life becomes enjoyable and interesting. Instead of one long series of automatic pilot reactions and doing-ness because we are in competition with everyone to see who is the busiest.   We start to live and savour life, and we enjoy quiet moments more and more.  We enjoy self-discovery and self-master more, instead of  running on an automatic pilot of doing and being something we aren’t.  We have the courage and wisdom to be who we truly are.

What is Enthusiasm?

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Paint your life with bright colours and joys, that is enthusiasm.  Make the dark canvas become so bright that no stain remains, that is enthusiasm and courage.   Live life even in your darkest moments ..that is enthusiasm and inner strenght.  Be you that is enthusiasm.

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Enthusiams is Living life fully, with wholeheartedness. Being 100% engaged in all tasks even the smallest task like cleaning the kitchen sink.  It is giving and not holding back in the task at hand, or even life.  It is being cheerful and happy even when life is down.   It is being excited, motivated and driven about something and looking forward to it.

It is the ability to make the smallest thing exciting.  The ability to pull yourself out of the gutter and find motivation and will power to enjoy life when you are feeling down and lost.








How to Apply Enthusiasm in your life?

  1. Do the smallest of tasks wholeheartedly, with gusto and motivation. For Example, making your bed every day, keeping a clean house, washing dishes, and tidying the living room and house before bed so you awake to an organised house.  It is waking up early to have breakfast and washing up before leaving for work.
  2. Doing big tasks with energy and zeal and not getting overwhelmed by the task. Breaking the task and attacking each task in 20 minutes slots and patting yourself on the back for achieving them.
  3. Pulling yourself out of rut, mood or the general feeling of being low or even lazy.  For example Listen to music, find an inspiration article to read or play.  Also, understanding that you are in a mood and kicking yourself into gear.  Doing something in 20 minutes slots is a very neat trick to help here.
  4. Think of imaginative ways of getting things done.
  5. Let yourself enjoy looking forward to something.
  6. Do not compare yourself to anyone, everyone is unique and you are fine as you are.
  7. Practise affirmations and gratitude daily.
  8. Pat yourself on the back for every small win. Love yourself for all you have achieved, but always stay humble.
  9. Reassess your life and rearrange what needs to be changed.
  10. Have the courage to be you and be enthusiastic about being you.



Affirmations are the best way to get you into gear, to create motivation, enthusiasm, will power, drive and happiness.  Here is a suggested affirmation you could try to increase your enthusiasm in a task or life.


I give 100% to all tasks, no matter how big or small.  I am open to the wonders that today has in store for me.  I am motivated.  I am full of enthusiasm for life and the tasks in life.  I am capable.  I am good.  I am happy.  Life is good.  I can handle it all.  I am good.  I am motivated.  I love doing chores and living in a clean space.  I am loved, and I am kind.  I am humble, and I am strong.  I am motivated and enthusiastic about life even when life knocks me.  I know how to find happiness and make myself happy.

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