Maintaining Peace, Positivity, Calmness and Continual Growth with Two Simple Questions!

Two Questions to Ask Yourself before you go to Sleep Each and Every Day

  1. Could you have done anything differently today?

  2. Did you learn anything New Today.

These two questions universally apply in any situation where you wish to grow and improve your life.

This blog is all about thoughts and how they make us happy or sad. In this blog, I have spoken of the Divine, that we are souls (aka spirits), about positivity, daily intentions, routines, Karma, Character and Meditation.


So, basically  I use these two questions for myself in terms of my spirituality, did I act , behave correctly,  was i externally and internally calm? Was I soul conscious in the day.  Did I meditate and connect with the Divine soul as I the soul.  What did I learn to make me  a person of good character?   Was I angry?.   You see, the original qualities of the soul are peace, love , wisdom, joy and Purity.   When we are coloured by Anger, Greed, Lust, Attachment and Ego – we are coloured by ALGAE which stops us from being pure in our intentions,  peaceful, caring and  humble or even magnanimous.  So the question is did I improve on my original qualities or was I the ALGAE – therefore what could I have done differently today ,  indirectly  this question may lead to a realisation about myself that becomes the answer to number 2.

These two questions have really helped me move forward in my spiritual life and other aspects of life.

These two questions are excellent for your career as well, and I don’t need to explain why, I am sure you can see how they can help.

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11 thoughts on “Maintaining Peace, Positivity, Calmness and Continual Growth with Two Simple Questions!

      1. Oh I did not know about u and your mom dear Bella. Please take utmost care and great to know your mom is recovering. U too please recover fast. God bless you and your mom, Bella. I have good news to give. My daughter delivered a baby boy on 22nd October and we named him Zahan means Gift of God. Now I have become quite busy too.

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      2. Congratulation Nani. How many sons and daughters you have. I am sure you recently had another grandchild? Well enjoy being a grand ma and take care of yourself too. It is not easy to grandma on top of all things. But it is lovely too

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