Daily Intention – Detachment


What is your intention for the day? 

It is important to set an intention for the day.  When I set an intention for my day, I create a focus for that day. When I live my life, my day with focus, I achieve so much more. Otherwise, I go about my day aimlessly, window shopping but never committing to life, and living. Then, one day I feel where did my life go.


Daily Intention of Detachment

Being detached, as intention or focus, is not about being cold. It is about being wise, mature, intentional about what we let inside our-self and what we allow to impact us negatively. We are what we think, therefore what we feel. If we are buzzy with pain then only pain will be expressed.

Are you free to do what you really want to do ?

Or are you controlled by those negative automatic reactions?  

I am one with self respect when I choose to act rather than react. 

I am able to detach myself from the situation, take a breath and decide what my response is in this situation. 

Are you able to experience your feelings without allowing them to control you?

Let us Explore What DETACHMENT is ?

Detachment is to be in a situation but away from the situation. 

The situation doesn’t disturb me, though it is disturbing.  

Detachment is choosing how I will act in a situation rather than reacting.    I choose to speak or remain silent.   I choose not to take it personally or I take it personally.  I choose to get into a battle or  I choose that my inner silence and stability is more important  to me.


I am aware of my feelings and choose my actions with detachment and wisdom.  I choose to be my best self no matter what happens.

What is my best self

I the Soul -am a being of Peace, Purity, Wisdom, Joy, Happiness,  Love, Contentment.   Full of the power of silence, the power to know when to engage, when not to engage, when to be humble, when to be bold, when to let go and when to conserve my energies  (my peace , my calm).    

Does a fireman put out a fire with fire?  or water ?  So why  do I react to a fire with fire?    We are powerful souls but we constantly make a habit of  practising  negativity when we react.    If we choose to be calm, patient, purposeful and positive when we interact we break the cycle of negative reactions.

With our thoughts, words, actions we create a positive or negative Karmic accounts.  Our action (karma) causes us sorrow or happiness. Therefore, the solution to  pain is to do positive karma.  Then I will be happy. 

Detachment allows me to create space and it allows me to choose and then respond rather than react. Meaning, I am wise and I chose to certain positive thoughts, feelings and actions. I am no longer on a negative autopilot.

I hope you found this helpful.

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27 thoughts on “Daily Intention – Detachment

  1. I love this, detachment. I am writing this word on a sticky note and putting it on my computer. Detach from all ‘things/people’ who are not improving your overall sense of self-worth! I am a bit excited – I have been searching for this! Thanks, Bella! Amazing! 🙂 xo

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    1. Thank you. I have been practising detachment for sometime, and i definately better about it. But still have moments when i dont do so well. However, it is a really helpful habit to instill, it takes the drama out of life. Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a good rest of the weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

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