Meditation Commentary – Feeling Safe In Turbulent Times

Meditation Commentary – Feeling Safe In Turbulent Times

How can we keep our peace in turbulent times?   Solitude is an essential tool to keep our inner peace in hard times.   It is so important to meditate every day, like we eat, sleep and rest every day to keep our body fresh and strong.   We are all peaceful souls, but we don’t take the time to be silent, quite, still and practise peacefulness.   Meditation is not about empting the mind of thoughts, it is about slowing the thoughts and making them positive.  When I meditate every day, I  build a courage and strenght like no other, it is a quiet knowing of myself, but this can only happen if I meditate daily.  I will understand that peace will come and that no turbulent time last forever.  With meditation we illuminate the darkness of our mind with positive, peaceful and pure thoughts.

I hope you enjoy this meditation commentary.  This meditation was created by Release Your Wings – YouTube Channel.

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  1. Hello Bella, a lovely way to see Meditation as welcoming positive thoughts instead of emptying the mind. That certainly takes the pressure off us when we just can’t seem to prevent thoughts. A peaceful meditation video too. Thank you 💐

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  2. This was really refreshing. I’m new to meditation, but I really enjoyed relaxing and focusing on a more positive inner self. Thank you for sharing!

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