Freedom Starts In The Mind

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Freedom Starts in the Mind.

Freedom Starts in Our Thoughts

In Our Feelings

In Our Heart

Distancing Ourselves and Cutting Ropes is not TRUE Freedom.

True Freedom starts inside of Me!

It may  initially be necessary to move away, to retire, so that I give myself space to heal, to repair, and renew onesself.  However, this is not a permanent solution.

We cannot cut ourselves away from the world all time.   It is impossible, unless you become a hermit.  Would you be happy living alone all the time?

We cannot escape all the time.

We have to learn to face the situation and we need to learn to be quiet inside.

Freedom is when I can stand in a storm and NOT BE Disturbed.  

That is, when I know I have mastered myself, my mind, my feelings and disturbances from others.   

They can insult me, but, I am not disturbed by them, or it.

People will insult you regardless, they need no reason.  You may have done nothing to them, but the insult away.

They have something inside of them,  that,  they can’t help themselves.   It has nothing to do with you. So, don’t take it personally.  There might be some truth in their harsh words and it is upto you to change, and ignore the rest

FACE a fact of life is, storms will come. 

I have to learn not to take it personally.

I have to learn to stay Calm inside, peaceful and undisturbed.  Can I let go and be Stable?  Of course, I Can.    I need to create the habit of remaining peaceful.

Meditation is a great way of achieving this as well as reading thoughts that help you remind yourself, that your internal peace matters.   I have a meditation page that contains several meditations on  it the links are below

Always remember I can only change myself not another.


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Our thoughts make us happy or sad – our thoughts are in our hands, our life is a selection of choices. No one owes you anything- go out and make it happen.

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Originally written in 2017, revised in 2018 and the re-edited 2019




19 replies

  1. The most important lesson I believe for me was that nothing is personal to me. It is all that is held within is spilled. At the most I am responsible for what energies I attract. Such freedom to understand this! A great thoughtful post as always.

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  2. The Huxley quote! I have thought about that for a long time. I didn’t understand it at first. Now I completely get it. Very good post! Thought provoking and some real hard truths, but as simple as remembering we cannot change others only ourselves! Bravo Bella! ~k.

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