Life Update – Planning My Blogging Return.

On the 23rd November 2018, I announced I was taking time off from blogging until 6th March 2019 to work on a habit or two.  Read here for more details.

Though it may not seem like I have taken a break, as I keep posting blog posts.  But, all I have been doing is re-sharing my old post with the duplicate /copy function on wordpress.  But, whilst on my break I haven’t been able to read all your wonderful posts.

The reason I took a break was to develop a habit, but that got railroaded by several health issues of mine and family members.  But, that doesn’t mean I haven given up on what I want to achieve, it is just it will take a bit longer.

But, having a blogging break has been really very good for me. I needed it.

Now as I contemplate my return to blogging, and life is still a mess, I am thinking to only blog once a week, rather than twice as I had been.    I can’t decide should it be a wednesday or a sunday?  Do you have any preferences?


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  1. I just commented on another blog about don’t let the rules and challenges take away my creativity and freedom from my posts. We already have many deadlines and rules to follow every day, so in my blog I want the freedom to express my creativity. Both days are fine for me, generally, I check the comments and visit blogs after dinner both days, I mean, every day 🙂

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    • Thank you for your input. I have tried it all, with rules and without rules aka schedule. I think i have it fixed in my head that it is good to have a schedule. But, whilst i didnt follow rules i saw it didnt matter either. So as you say follow my intuition, i think i will. Loving your instagram, you really are having loads of fun. Happy sunday. And happy rest of the week.

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      • Good for you Bella. You can’t go wrong if you follow your intuition and your heart. And thanks about the IG comment, I am enjoying life and I love sharing the positivity. Take care and you enjoy the rest of the week too xx

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