Effective Time Management Tips

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I have previously wrote a post on Time Management where I explained how we waste time and how we can underestimate how long a task will take.  This post is different , a bit traditional and assume that you are motivated, eager, and aren’t a time waster.  I encourage to read my previous post as well as this post.

How we use our time has a major impact on our life, mood and thoughts.  If we waste time we will feel deflated and down. But, if we use our time correctly – then we will be rather happy and we will feel we have achieved something and life will not feel like a drag.

Effective Time Management Tips

  • Being organised will free up more time in the day
  • Plan your day – Work out what you need to achieve
  • Be Realistic – can you  really achieve everything you have set for yourself to do ?
  • Reduce interruptions – put your phone or silent or just turn if off so you are not distracted by emails and social media notificatons
  • Clear the Clutter – get rid of piles of paper and make things easier to find.
  • Do what you least want to do first – Get it off your ‘to do’ list and stop procrastinating.
  • Manage expectations – if you are going to be late delivering a piece of work or attending a meeting , keep people informed
  • Delegate – try to share the chores at home.

There are many things we can do to help us be happy  and many things we do to make ourselves feel unhappy.   I believe every feeling is in our hands.

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  1. This is an important skill that saves us from a lot of stress and actually brings us joy from what we do. Your suggestions are perfect. It has helped me tremendously to make a list of goals for the day and decide on the most important 3 things I want to get done in a week.

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