Social Beings We Are..


Sometimes we want to escape life, the pain, the hurt, the…. list goes on.

We want retire from life, we want to be hermits, we want to hide away, we want to be in solitude, we want to be liberated….

But, us human beings are meant to be social.  A bit of alone time might do the trick for a short while, but still we want to be liberated.  Alone time is essential to see the wood through the trees, to take stock, to muster strenght.


The thing is, we have to be liberated in our thinking, in our feelings and in our response.  We have to SEE  the lesson in the pain, we have to let go, apply a full stop, and watch that scene as a detached observer of our own life.  We must NOT take the pain to our heart, we must NOT wallow in it, we must not let it get to us.  We must know we are good, that this just a test paper to make me strong.  If we can do this then we are liberated in this life.

We must forgive, forget, let go, move on.  We must keep our goodness and not lose our sweetness in the pain of life.

We are meant to be social.  We are brave.  We are good.  We are honest.  We are courageous.  We are social and we know how to use solitude to create space and strenght to face life with style.



Thank you for popping by.

Kind Regards Bella

© 2019

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