Journaling – A Quiet Reflection.

Time to journal, to sit quietly and reflect on the day or week.  Taking Pen and Paper and just writing and letting it all out and then concluding how to change it, grow from it and move on.

I personally try to journal everyday, be it affirmations or gratitude journaling. Additionally,  I try to reflect on my days, what went well, not so well, how could I improve

When we reflect on positive statements, like affirmations and practise gratitude daily we create a positive thought and vibration for the day.  When we practise it daily we create a habit that becomes an automatic positive thought.

Journaling to Fix Pain.  I highly recommend it.  At least once we a week let the pain out.  But finish the journaling session by answering, what could I have done, could i have changed it, did i make it worse, how can I improve, did I over react, what can I do to improve, what can I do so I don’t lose my peace. Always, end on a positive note.

I start the day  with affirmations and gratitude.  Only at the end of day will I reflect on the day, but I end on a positive note.

We can only grow if we reflect, notice and make the effort to transform ourself.


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